Top 6: Best Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping Software

Mental mapping done using a sheet of paper and a pen is a very interesting working method. However, it is limited and has many drawbacks.

This is why opting for mind mapping software on a computer (or tablet) turns out to be a smart choice. However, you also have to know how to distinguish between a good and a bad mind mapping tool.

Here are the criteria that make a good tool.

1.  Specialized in mind mapping

Many drawing, charting, and graphing applications are marketed as “mind mapping software” when they really aren’t.

For an app to make the list we’re about to feature, we checked beyond the marketing to make sure it was designed from the ground up for brainstorming.

2. Easy to use

Mind mapping was originally done with pen and paper, it was extremely simple. No app will ever be that simple, but it should come as close to it as possible.

After a short learning curve, you shouldn’t have to stop and think between tasks, or dig through menus to find the tool you’re looking for. A good app should be easy to use !

3. Offering unlimited space

One of the main disadvantages of using paper is the size!

A digital app should offer a virtually unlimited workspace so you can create mind maps as large as you want.

4. Allowing to insert files

Good software allows us to attach external files to the workbench. Whether it’s images, videos, logos, or even GIFs, it’s important to be able to give free rein to your imagination.

Top 5 Mind Map Maker Software in 2022

Now that you know what are the criteria that make a good tool, let’s see together what are the 5 best mind mapping software that exist in 2022!

By creating a blueprint with Coggle , you will see the central node of the new element appear, as well as a sign indicating to start adding new nodes and elements. Every time you click on the plus sign to create a new node, Coggle automatically chooses its direction, placement and color, which is a huge time saver!

Coggle provides you with a “help” to teach you how to use the tool’s keyboard shortcuts and become a real mapping pro !

One of its best features is to format mind map items and messages with Markdown, allowing you to be creative when adding text, images, and links.

Teamwork: You can share your mind map with a partner and have a conversation about it in the message sidebar.

Pricing   : Coggle offers a free offer to let you discover the tool and take it. Then, you will have the choice between a plan at $5 and $8 per month .

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