IT-Managed Services

How Businesses Benefit from IT-Managed Services

14 ViewsManaged IT services infuse a human touch into how businesses approach technology, establishing an environment where individuals can flourish, innovate, and make meaningful contributions. The ROI extends beyond financial gains, enveloping the well-being and effectiveness of the workforce, ultimately leading to a more resilient, adaptive, and successful organization. Here is how it can be…

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Hostel Channel Manager

How Hotel Channel Manager Boosts Efficiency?

28 ViewsOver the years, there has been a surge in the online hotel booking channel. Guests regard this surge as a boom for the hotel operators since it is easy to interact with guests. However, little do they know that hotel operators face hardships in handling inventory and costs on several platforms. To avoid such…

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mobile technologies

New technologies and mobile technologies

65 ViewsDnumeous books, studies and forums today claim that the development of the use of new technologies, and more specifically mobile technologies, is in the process of quite profoundly transforming the organizational model of the company, traditionally based on that the hierarchical and/or transversal organization. These technologies notably transcend the unities of place, time, space…

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communication technologies

Impact of information and communication technologies

106 ViewsSmall, medium and large companies are recognized as an essential element of development (Solignac Lecompte HB, 1993). In rich or developing countries, they are a strong argument in favor of promotion and encouragement policies aimed at maximizing their contribution to job creation, economic growth and, consequently, to the fight against poverty. poverty and social…

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