The 5 main advantages of the internal application

internal application

1) Adapt to new uses of information consumption

We spend an average of  100 minutes a day  on mobile apps. It is a tool that has become familiar, and that we know how to quickly grasp.

Offering such a solution to your employees first means offering them an internal media that resembles those they use in their private lives. They thus access your various contents in a few seconds, and more easily than on a computer. Wherever they are, they can scroll, get information quickly… And consult in detail the article, video or podcast that interests them.

2) Inform all employees in the same way, one of the main advantages of the internal application

An internal mobile solution also allows equal access to information. When it is usable on both work and personal phones, each employee chooses whether or not to download it. The usual barriers to access to other internal media, such as teleworking or not working on a computer, are removed.

Moreover, this media is in the pocket of the employees. It therefore becomes easier to draw their attention to important information, in particular thanks to the “  push ” function. Be careful, however, to only use it for content that really requires it, so as not to tire your internal audience.

3) Facilitate access to all internal content

The internal mobile application is often used to relay news, such as those published  on the intranet  for example. But it can also function as a gateway to other types of internal content, such as:

Don’t forget to add a “search” function either. This will help employees looking for specific information save time.

A mobile solution also increases the scope of internal investigations. A greater number of employees are informed directly of the current survey. They can then choose to respond directly from their phone. It therefore becomes possible to quickly know the opinion of all employees, whether they are connected or not, on a given subject.

4) Strengthen employee engagement, a major advantage of the internal application

Employees present in the office, working remotely, in the field, offline… With the mobile application, everyone has access to internal content. It is therefore a medium that helps the company to offer a more uniform employee experience, less disparate from one position to another.

Employees in the field, or who do not work on a computer, feel less neglected or ignored. Before the internal application, they may have been aware of the latest news and practical information. But they can now also consult more engaging “cold” content, such as portraits, podcasts, files on major company projects, etc.

The internal application, in this perspective, therefore proves to be a  real vector of commitment .

5) Make internal communication more interactive

Employees today want their company to communicate more transparently. They no longer want “vertical” information. On the contrary, they expect more “horizontal” media, where they can give their opinion and express themselves on what is happening.

Even more than the intranet, the mobile application brings this “social network” aspect to internal communication. Creation of a profile, messaging and discussion groups are all functions to be integrated into this tool.

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