digital queue systems

10 Benefits of Going Digital with Your Queue Management

29 ViewsFor companies in various industries, productivity and client happiness are critical factors. Customer service includes queue management, and implementing digital queue management can completely transform your business’s customer service operations. With their many benefits for both consumers and businesses, virtual and digital queue systems have become game-changers. Here are ten major advantages of using…

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generalist in marketing

Of generalist in marketing and communication

71 ViewsMarketing Assistant training is the essential gateway to starting a career in the fields of marketing and communication. Based on the official directives of the professional association Markom, it makes it possible to obtain a certificate recognized in Switzerland for anyone wishing to acquire, with or without professional experience, basic knowledge in the fields…

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Digital marketing training

Digital marketing training organization

65 ViewsNew training in eco-responsible communication strategy: Design your eco-responsible communication and digital marketing strategy – 5 days of training: October 6 and a 20-minute defense on October 20, 2022. 7-hour day training: Create your communication strategy – October 4 Develop your web visibility – From 2 trainees, there is the possibility to choose your…

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