The advantages of an alarm

an alarm

Deterrents, they are also able to scare away the few reckless when faced with them.

As said before, the alarm siren once triggered, makes 95% of burglars leave. It is still important to know that the mere knowledge of the presence of an alarm system strongly deters burglars from taking action.

The devices allow, once triggered by an intrusion, to send a signal which will instantly turn on the alarm siren and warn you and your neighbors of the unwanted presence in your home. This transmitter will also alert you via a notification on your mobile phone.

Once this realization is made, don’t make the mistake of not reassuring yourself by thinking that such a thing will never happen to you.

How to minimize the chances of burglary?

Protecting your building, whether it is your main residence, your second home, or your professional premises, seems essential in the face of the dangers of intrusion.

First, the most likely reflex to protect you is to install a wired alarm system or a wireless alarm system. But there are several things to do on a daily basis that will help you prevent intruders from entering your home.

First, do not forget to lock your door, this first gesture seems logical, but this one is too often neglected. After dark, or when the building is unoccupied, close every door and window. If you have a garden gate, close that too.

Do not show openly that you are not at home, do not leave any apparent note warning of your absence. Also put aside the technique of the flower pot or the doormat, it is generally the first place that a burglar looks in the hope of finding your keys. If you are planning a long absence, it is advisable to notify your neighbors so that they can stand guard at their home. You can also notify the police of this absence.

Motion-triggered lights placed around your home are also a good deterrent, these will scare away unwanted presence. Your garden tools should not remain in view, stored out of sight.

In order to protect your valuables, know that you can bring them to the bank so that they are safe in a safe.

These simple gestures will help you reduce the risk of theft and break-in, but don’t forget to install an alarm system. Our security specialists will best help you find a tailor-made solution, within your budget.

Our anti-intrusion alarm systems:

Our anti-intrusion alarm kit is made up of several dual-technology motion detectors, an indoor siren as well as an outdoor siren, a control unit, start-up software, as well as a telephone transmitter that can redirect alerts to a specific designated person, or a central protection service.

– Dual technology motion detector: the alarm system receives information from the sensors when they detect an unwanted presence. The system instantly sends the information to our central monitoring station and/or designated persons.

– Thin ceiling detector: allows coverage up to 330°.

– Ceiling detector: designed for commercial environments with high ceilings.

– Seismic detector: designed to protect safes; vaults; etc

– Digital shock detector: Once the intruder tries to force, break, pierce the door or window, the detector sends a signal.

– Control unit: The control unit is the heart of the electronic system and receives signals from the detectors connected to it. It is equipped with an emergency power supply giving it an electrical autonomy of two days or more.

– Keypad: allows you to activate or deactivate the alarm with a personal code or badge. When triggered, the screen indicates the zone in which there has been an intrusion.

– Indoor siren: the indoor siren triggers a loud alarm when detected. On a day-to-day basis, it also signals arrival and departure delays.

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