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Digital marketing training

New training in eco-responsible communication strategy:

Design your eco-responsible communication and digital marketing strategy – 5 days of training: October 6 and a 20-minute defense on October 20, 2022.

  • 7-hour day training:
  • Create your communication strategy – October 4
  • Develop your web visibility –
  • From 2 trainees, there is the possibility to choose your own dates for group training.
  • Individual training is also possible on request.
  • These trainings can be supported by your OPCO with your training budget so take advantage of them!

Dates of our next practical workshops:

For the practical workshops, a group is formed from 2 people and for a maximum of 4 people. The dates of the workshops are defined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the timetable of the trainees.

Practical 3-hour workshops to get you started with the following tools:

Your Google business listing, formerly called Google My Business , essential for any business – duration 3 hours date on request

  • Linkedin practical workshop  , to create a company page and optimize it – duration 3 hours date on request
  • Canva to  create your own images  – duration 3 hours date on request
  • Hootsuite  to  program your social networks  duration 3 hours date on request

3-hour workshop ratenet per workshop per person

TIP: Ideally, you will combine several training courses and practical workshops to firmly anchor the learning.

Trainings and workshops are à la carte. For reimbursement by an OPCO, a minimum of 7 hours of training is required, which can correspond to 2 workshops.

In order to get the most out of the training, it makes more sense to start by creating your communication strategy. Doing this training before the digital marketing training will allow you to better integrate the digital part into a complete and structured communication plan.

Digital marketing training addresses the main audiences of social networks. So it gives you an idea of ​​the social networks to activate in relation to your prospects and customers. On the other hand, as it addresses the other main levers of digital marketing, it does not allow to go into detail in the development of a strategy on social networks. This is why it is very useful to follow it up with training to optimize social networks. To complete it all, we suggest choosing two practical workshops based on your communication strategy and your clientele to better master web tools or social networks.

Business creators path to create and develop a brand:

This business creator course is very comprehensive and lays the right foundations in place to create a company’s brand. He helps participants choose a brand name, a logo, define their communication strategy, their digital development plan and their presence on social networks.

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