Mobile plays an essential role

Mobile plays

If you run or are involved in a business, you understand that mobile plays a huge role and where actions are happening today. Just look at the statistics.

Since 2008, average smartphone users have gone from spending a few minutes a day on their device to spending three hours a day using mobile digital media.

2014 marked the first time that mobile usage overtook desktop usage, and this trend is only increasing year on year.

Customers today are more dependent on their mobile devices than ever before as they progress along the path to purchase.

Customers expect on-demand information, and proximity is key to conversion; location-based services allow companies to predict and meet the needs of their customers.

Mobile marketing is the solution that provides a highly personalized shopping experience to capitalize on impulse purchases.

Other Marketing Materials and Benefits of Mobile App Marketing 

 What does this mean for you? That means you’re competing with 26 other apps for attention and awareness.

However, no need to worry; It’s nothing! Just think about how many websites you are competing against online. Hint: They are in the MILLIONS.

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Mobile Marketing  vs. Social Media

Speaking of which, social media is still a different and new medium and several small businesses are now starting to look at their own Twitter and Facebook accounts. It’s a  free way to get exposure  for your app. Although there is stiff competition here, and it’s not just about your retail competitors.

Social media users aren’t usually looking to make a purchase, rather they’re there to connect with friends, to find out and check in on what’s happening in the world, or to post updates on what’s happening in their life. This puts your profiles in close competition with many things that your audience may find more interesting.

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Mobile Marketing vs Email Marketing 

Email marketing is an old and great fallback that is still used today by many businesses. However, even if someone subscribes to your list, there is no guarantee that they will check your email. Also, if they see your email, there’s no guarantee they’ll read it.

With mobile apps, you also have something called “push notification”. The updates you receive on your smartphone are meant to let you know that something new is happening in one of your apps. With Facebook, you can receive a push notification to let you know that someone has messaged you or tagged you in a post.

Your calendar can send a push notification to notify you of an event. Your application can send push notifications for several reasons that you define. Although push notifications happen for several reasons, they all have one thing in common. They are all noticed.

According to Silverpop’s Email Marketing Benchmark Study, almost 20% of emails are opened by the recipient and around 5.4% of people click on a link inside that email.

In contrast, push service provider Xtify also revealed that 30-60% of users open push notifications and around 40% interact with the app instantly after the notification.

Do you have an app idea?

For start-ups, the reasons to focus on mobile application development . We have listed some major benefits of mobile app development for small businesses .

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