Build or Buy a Mobile App: What Is Best for Your Business?

Buy a Mobile App

Nowadays, it is essential for every business, of every size, to have a mobile app for multiple purposes. Mobile apps can boost your business, increase user engagement, ease up daily operations, enhance brand value, and much more.

But, the point where every business owner is stuck is to make the decision of whether to build a mobile app or buy an already-available mobile app for his business.

In this blog, we will cover both building the mobile app concept as well as buying an already-available mobile app, so that you can make an informed decision at the end.

So, let’s get started.

Building a Mobile App for Your Business

To build a mobile app for your business, you’ll need to take into account whether you can afford an in-house app development team. You can also outsource your mobile app development project to a third-party company that specializes in mobile app development.

Now, let’s discuss the advantages of building a mobile app

Advantages of Building a Mobile App for Your Business

There are many advantages of building a mobile app for your business. A few of them are:

1.  Customization and Scalability

When building a mobile app for your business, you can design it as you like. You can choose the design, features, and functionalities that should be included. You can also personalize it to fit the business’s identity.

Furthermore, as your business develops and expands, you can quickly scale and upgrade your mobile app to suit evolving needs.

2. Competitive Advantage

When you offer features that differentiate your business from others, it is obvious that you will get a competitive advantage. And this is possible when you choose to build your mobile app.

While building a mobile app for your business, you can hire Indian app developers who will integrate innovative features and functionalities that enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction.

3.  Security

When you build an app from the ground up, you have complete control over the final product, which includes leaving no security gaps.

If you ever need to evaluate the application before selling it, a sturdy, entirely safe app will always be priced more.

4. Back-End Integration

Another advantage of building a mobile app for your business is that you can easily integrate your custom-made mobile app with your existing business systems and processes.

Everything from user accounts to payment systems, analytics, and databases can be employed. The data you provide will be precise and presented appropriately across all platforms.

Disadvantages of Building a Mobile App for Your Business

Apart from these advantages, building your mobile app has a few disadvantages too.

1.  Time and Cost

Building a mobile app is a time-consuming and costly procedure. You will need a reputable mobile app development team, that includes designers, developers, and quality assurance specialists.

Also, you need to determine the cost involved in hiring and maintaining such a team, along with ongoing maintenance and updates of your mobile app.

2.  Maintenance and testing

Following the development of your mobile app, you will need to conduct stages of testing. Expect to find a few bugs that must be resolved as quickly as feasible.

Even if everything looks to be in order, you are not finished; there is still maintenance to consider. Because app maintenance is a constant activity, it’s a good idea to select who will be in control of this.

So, this was about building a mobile app for your business. Now, let’s discuss buying an already-available mobile app.

Buying an Already-Available Mobile App

An already-available app, also known as a white-label mobile app, is one that has been produced by a mobile app development company or a freelance developer to duplicate the core features of a market-leading app.

It lets you pick and select which characteristics and features you want. Structures, architectures, and codes of a white-label application can be altered.

Advantages of Buying an Already-Available Mobile App

The advantages of buying an already-available mobile app for your business are as follows:

1.  Cost

It is undeniably less expensive because you do not have to develop it from scratch. You also skip the development cycle and release your mobile app sooner, allowing you to take advantage of market opportunities more quickly.

2.  Time

You can also save plenty of time by employing an already-available mobile app for your business. The only thing left to do is customize it as per your business’s requirements.

3.  Maintenance and testing

When it comes to testing, the already-available mobile apps are often examined by programmers or companies with multiple specialists at each level, as well as by users.

Moreover, as per the iOS app development company, purchasing an already-available app entitles you to free unlimited maintenance assistance most of the time.

Disadvantages of  Buying an Already-Available Mobile App

The disadvantages of buying an already-available mobile app are as follows:

1.  Unwanted Features

As already-available mobile apps have been built on preexisting modules, there’s a significant chance you’ll get features that are useless to you. Hence, you can be able to delete them from the code, but just in case, consult their customer care beforehand.

2.  Limited Customization

Only a few features are available in already-available mobile apps, which may have a huge impact on your user experience. Designing a distinctive UX will be challenging with these characteristics.

Because they are clones of current modules, they also fail to provide many possibilities for dynamic development.

3.  Dependency on the Seller

When you purchase an app, you become dependent on the seller for continuing assistance, updates, and maintenance. If the seller ceases maintenance or refuses to offer critical updates, it may have an effect on the app’s reliability and safety.

4.  Security

The problem with already-available mobile apps is that anybody is able to purchase them and learn how to code. This renders it more susceptible to cyber-attacks and compromises user privacy.

In earlier times also, ransom ware had been employed to seize authority over devices, thus making it a serious concern.


In simple terms, developing your own mobile app will be significantly more beneficial, as it allows you customization, more security, competitive advantage, and back-end integration. It will pay off many times more in the long run as compared to buying an already-available mobile app.

But before building your mobile app, it is critical to first understand your needs and budget. You can even contact the best mobile app development company for professional advice and assistance.

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