Choosing your home alarm

home alarm

The house alarm is now essential to ensure the protection of your home. It is therefore very important to choose the right home alarm according to the specifics of your home.

Buy a cheap and poor quality alarm

If your piggy bank allows it, don’t fall back on cheap alarms. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re well protected and finding out that your alarm isn’t working. If you will of course find all types of prices, not all alarms have the same equipment and therefore do not offer the same security. Be sure to research the reliability of the security company  offering the alarm and compare prices. You will thus guarantee effective coverage and protection of your entire home with a suitable security system .

Buy an alarm that is not suitable for your home

There are a large number of security systems whose effectiveness varies according to the specifics of your home. It is very important to know the different types of alarms in order to identify the level of security offered by each of them and to determine if the alarm you choose really meets your needs  :

The video surveillance is connected to the Internet and can be remotely controlled with a special device or a mobile device via an application. The advantage of this type of alarm with surveillance camera is that it allows you to be alerted by e-mail or SMS if someone breaks into your home or if suspicious movements are detected by your detectors. movements .

The traditional wireless alarm also uses  motion detectors at openings and strategic locations to trigger the siren. This type of system only allows an audible alarm to sound in the event of suspicious movements or burglary .

The remote monitoring alarm guarantees 24/7 surveillance both inside and outside the house. Thanks to a link with a remote monitoring centre , this type of alarm can be controlled remotely and allows immediate action in the event of an intrusion . The remote monitoring center can send a message to the burglar, bring in security agents or even contact the police if necessary.

Install a random alarm

One of the most common mistakes in the installation of alarms is to think that it is enough to install them in the entrances. To install an alarm, different factors must be taken into account such as the structure of the building, accesses, blind spots, among others. The positioning of the alarm is essential. Surveillance cameras must provide a global view of the interior of your home. It is recommended to place your surveillance cameras at a height, facing the  window(s) , French window(s)  and/or the  entrance door(s) . The box of your alarm also called central alarm, which centralizes all of your security system information , should not be visible from outside access.

To ensure an efficient installation of your surveillance equipment , including your surveillance cameras , consider contacting a specialized security company . An agent will come to your home to carry out a diagnosis and identify with you the best locations for your cameras , motion detectors and alarm systems .

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