IPhone 14 Pro Max: Everything You Need to Know About it

IPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is really the fantastic choice in the iPhone sphere. It has got the stunning design, with the large screen, the high-class camera system with having stunning display. Interestingly, you pay for each of that but if you are single-minded for getting an iPhone & wish the complete apex gadget, this is the perfect handset for you. Furthermore, if you like tolive with the decent display & need reasonable weight in a pocket then the iPhone 14 Pro is for you. It is no more powerful compared to identical yet minor 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro but markedly more so compared the latest iPhone 14 & its elder brother that is the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Plus.

For the very first time, the brand chose to bring its best, perfect & efficient silicon in half of its amazing smartphones. The iPhone 14 & 14 Plus have the great A15 Bionic chip that was also found in the iPhone 13 Pro as well as iPhone Pro Max. It has additional GPU core compared to the A15 Bionic in the base model of iPhone 13 whereas the iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max get the latest four-nanometer process A16 Bionic making them worth using for everyone. However, The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most favorite in the market catering to the needs of people from every profession.


While few may argue that the latest iPhone shape language is getting little outdated, it is energized by the awesome “Super Retina XDR display”. Apart from the superb A16 Bionic underneath, this great Apple’s smartphone offers the great innovation: “The Dynamic Island”. The notch has got dead and in its space is what seems to be the oblong cutout in the gradually more amazing pixel-opulent 2796 x1290 pixel display. Rather than hugging the top of the OLED screen & surrounding that additional-thin speaker slot, the great Dynamic Island stays up-to its name along with floating the fewer millimeters below from that above edge. For getting the great deals on buying smartphones, it is great to dive into the impressive market of Noon with the Noon UAE code.

Battery& Processor

As ever, the brand has not manifested the iPhone 14 Pro Max battery’s size but it is predicted to be the smaller compared to the last Pro Max’s “4,323mAh vs 4,352mAh” regardless of promising 29 hours of the video playback “compared to the 28-hours playback of iPhone 13 Pro Max”.seemingly getting a little battery time and thanks to its great A16 Bionic chip. In the experts’ test, they explored that the iPhone 14 Pro Max never possesses the battery expertise of its famous predecessor. While utilizing the phone in different conditions including commuting everywhere in the city, streaming different videos, listening to favorite music, browsing, the experts discovered the device ran out of juice by the 10PM, having charged-up fully at 6AM


While the iPhone 14 Pro’s & iPhone 14 Pro Max’s camera system resembles iPhone 13 Pro Max, the lenses as well as sensors are not identical. The star of this specific triad happen to be the 48MP quad-pixel major camera. The brand took massive time to introduce the great pixel-counting sensor such as this and it is handling the quad-pixel binning as if it is something new you come across. Well, it is not as on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the fantastic 108MP major sensor uses the nine-pixel binning. In both the examples, the sensors get the data of various pixels and form them into the single bigger, striking useful pixel for the enhanced colors as well as little-light performance. On this iPhone 14 Pro Max, many people prefer shooting in 12MP mode and for enabling the complete 48MP raw-format capturing, you need to get into the settings that adds the ‘raw’ feature to the camera’s interface.

Storage Capability

Yes, this fantastic Apple’s smartphone is available in 4 different storage options such as 256GB, 128GB, 512GB and 1TB. Furthermore, the RAM is 6GB making this incredible smartphone superfast and this specific storage & RAM makes this gadget ideal too for gaming. Furthermore, the always-on display that may revive at just the 1Hz for saving battery happens to be the long time coming. Apple is well aware of the competition to implement this great feature. Among the great display technology more and the noticeable size of this smartphone, tech experts expected above than 13 hours of battery time and they did succeed in it but it can be improved more.


Yes, thanks to its impressive A16 Bionic, ideal RAM of 6GB and amazing storage options turning it out into the superfast iPhone. Other than your routine work, you can definitely use it for long video streaming, gaming and other fun online activities. Apart from the multi-factor lenses as well as larger sensors, brand’s striking A16 Bionic chipset is the major player behind the amazing photography quality of iPhone 14 Pro Max. It owns the 16 billion transistors that is more transistors than the great A15 Bionic put in the iPhone 14 as well as the 14 Plus. Furthermore, at the launching event, the brand claimed the new chip has the ability of 17 trillion operations each second. Furthermore, the great version of iOS called iOS 16 makes this phone more superb with the options like changeable look-screen, the capability of editing and unsending the messages in IMessage.

The Release Time of iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple revealed its complete iPhone 14 series – the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max on the 7th September in 2022. Yes, the pre-orders started right from the 9th September. Additionally, the 14 Pro Max kicks off at $1,099 for the basic variant of 128GB and the prices vary with the storage capacities such as 256GB is available against $1,199, 512GB stands at $1,399 and the 1TB stays at $1,599.

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