Internet Service Providers

Navigating the Digital Highway: A Deep Dive into Internet Service Providers

193 ViewsReliable internet connectivity is essential for both personal and professional activities. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) ensure that users can access fast and stable internet connections. However, navigating the world of ISPs can be overwhelming, with various options and packages available. Let us deep dive into the world of ISPs, exploring their services, technologies, and…

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mobile technologies

New technologies and mobile technologies

179 ViewsDnumeous books, studies and forums today claim that the development of the use of new technologies, and more specifically mobile technologies, is in the process of quite profoundly transforming the organizational model of the company, traditionally based on that the hierarchical and/or transversal organization. These technologies notably transcend the unities of place, time, space…

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generalist in marketing

Of generalist in marketing and communication

190 ViewsMarketing Assistant training is the essential gateway to starting a career in the fields of marketing and communication. Based on the official directives of the professional association Markom, it makes it possible to obtain a certificate recognized in Switzerland for anyone wishing to acquire, with or without professional experience, basic knowledge in the fields…

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Digital marketing training

Digital marketing training organization

168 ViewsNew training in eco-responsible communication strategy: Design your eco-responsible communication and digital marketing strategy – 5 days of training: October 6 and a 20-minute defense on October 20, 2022. 7-hour day training: Create your communication strategy – October 4 Develop your web visibility – From 2 trainees, there is the possibility to choose your…

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Mind Mapping Software

Top 6: Best Mind Mapping Software

171 ViewsMental mapping done using a sheet of paper and a pen is a very interesting working method. However, it is limited and has many drawbacks. This is why opting for mind mapping software on a computer (or tablet) turns out to be a smart choice. However, you also have to know how to distinguish…

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internal application

The 5 main advantages of the internal application

181 Views1) Adapt to new uses of information consumption We spend an average of  100 minutes a day  on mobile apps. It is a tool that has become familiar, and that we know how to quickly grasp. Offering such a solution to your employees first means offering them an internal media that resembles those they…

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Mobile plays

Mobile plays an essential role

170 ViewsIf you run or are involved in a business, you understand that mobile plays a huge role and where actions are happening today. Just look at the statistics. Since 2008, average smartphone users have gone from spending a few minutes a day on their device to spending three hours a day using mobile digital…

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communication technologies

Impact of information and communication technologies

249 ViewsSmall, medium and large companies are recognized as an essential element of development (Solignac Lecompte HB, 1993). In rich or developing countries, they are a strong argument in favor of promotion and encouragement policies aimed at maximizing their contribution to job creation, economic growth and, consequently, to the fight against poverty. poverty and social…

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